Men should look for success not love – Reno Omokri

Nigerian author and socio-political commentator, Reno Omokri has advised men not to go searching for love.

He said that men should be more interested in success, and the decision to look for love as a man is akin to putting the cart before the horse.

Omokri who explained this in an Instagram post urged men to search for money and success, saying that when they get both, love would look for them.

According to him, ones true character is actually revealed by money, hence why people are usually very humble when they are broke.

He wrote; “Men should not look for love. That is putting the cart before the horse. Males should look for money and success. When they get it, love will look for them. Salt and sugar look alike, but you will never find ants looking for salt.

“They only look for sugar. Forget about the utopian romantic notion that it is when you are broke that you can know if a girl truly loves you. It is not true. What can a girl love about you when you are broke? Your character?

“Are you aware that your true character is actually revealed by money? Even you do not know your real character when you are broke. Can’t you see how humble people are when they are broke? That is not genuine humility.

“A girl can be attracted to you when you are broke. But it is only when you have made money that the real you will come out. And anybody who does not know the real you cannot really love you! Stop consoling yourself with broke love. Go and make money. But make it legally!”