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”Men should be forced by law to marry the woman they impregnated” – Nigerian writer



A Nigerian writer identified on Twitter as @Agyriba1, has advocated for men to be forced to marry any woman they put in the family way.

Taking to the microblogging platform, she chided people who engage in intercourse with women they do not love.

According to her, s*xual intimacy is meant to be for reproduction and not entertainment purposes, so anyone who sleeps with a woman and impregnates her must be made to marry her.

@Agyriba1 reinforcing her position on the matter, said that anyone who can’t abstain would have to face the consequences of his action.

She tweeted;

”Men should be forced by law to marry the woman they impregnated.

If you don’t love someone why must you indulge into sex with the person and impregnate her ?

”Sex is not for entertainment purposes but it’s for reproduction

That’s why if can’t abstain you don’t indulge in it

”Else you face these consequences like unwanted pregnancy”

The writer added;

”From the comments , does it mean when you impregnate someone it means you don’t live her ??

”See it’s unfortunate the ladies are going haywire for my statement because they don’t

To those saying Government don’t own you

Did you know your state owns you? that’s why an attempted suicide will lead you into imprisonment by law”

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