Men boast about high body count like it’s a thing of pride – Erica Nlewedim blows hot

Former Big Brother Naija contestant, Erica Nlewedim has tongue lashed men who sleep around with different women and boast about their exploits.

The reality TV star and actress described as funny, the way some men often talk about their body counts like it is a thing of pride and even go to the extent of shaming women for the same act.

Erica raised concerns through her official Twitter page on Friday while questioning the guys in such category about who they think will marry them.

Men boast about high body count like it's a thing of pride - Erica Nlewedim

She wrote; “It’s so funny how men are actually boasting about having a high body count like it’s a thing of pride, who will marry you? And you also have the guts to shame women.”

A Twitter user @afumuzor_used the padlock and key analogy to explain why a man with multiple body counts is not the same as a woman who has been with different men.

The tweep said; “Key and Padlock can never be the same. A man can impregnate 20 women at a time but a woman can only get pregnant once and complete her 9 months before having another baby. So yes, a casanova & promiscuous woman can never be viewed the same way.”

In response, Erica Nlewedim said the explanation is enough reason for men to be picky and hve high standards when it comes to the womwn they lay with.

“Isn’t this why y’all shouldn’t be so easy? Just imagine having 12 kids cos 12 girls said hi 👋” she wrote.

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