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Men are not investment plans, a hustling man needs a hustling woman too – Lady says



A lady identified as Thendo Sharon has taken to social media to share her thoughts on the topic of women seeing men as their meal ticket.

According to Sharon, men are not investment plans, hence she does not subscribe to the idea that a man who hustles needs a girlfriend who will stay patiently with him till he succeeds.

She further noted that a hustling man actually needs a woman who hustles for her own money as well as it makes no sense for a woman to be patient on someone else’s dreams.

The lady said that a working class man should be with a lady that has dreams.

Taking to Twitter, Sharon wrote;

”Men are not investment plans so I’m totally against this thing of “A hustling boyfriend needs a patient girlfriend” you’re patient on who’s dreams??A hustling man needs a chick that hustles too.” A girl with dreams.”

CorrectNG compiled some comments of Twitter users in reaction to the lady’s post.

@ChinenyeUgo6 wrote; Just made a post on this, I am working hard and not depending on any black ass ni***a

@jsewenmi replied; Its not a solo-effort or competition.

Its a support structure. I will appreciate a lady who ask me to draft biz plan for her idea and request 100k to add to her start up fund than the one who ask 100k to buy human hair.

Just see your decision as development.

Best wishes sis.

@DeeDan_; A man’s worth is always tied to what he can provide. A lot of men will tell you they cannot get married until they are financially secure.

A woman who says the same thing does it as a personal goal, not because it is needed to sustain the relationship.

For a man, it is.

@kayb189; Exactly we need women with brains and not women covering their empty heads with expensive Brazilian hair

@makuya_prince; Imagine dating a woman who only bring patient at the table. what will happen when your things go side ways for 6months?? E.g. like lockdown

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