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Meet rapper who quit his music career to rescue cats



Sterling Davis is an Atlanta resident who was once a rapper but now enjoys a selfless job of saving cats.

He was on a break from a rap tour when he applied for a job at the county shelter named kitty litter.

According to the ex-artiste whose rap name was TrapKing, he just wanted to stay busy and make a little money. Plus, he’s always loved animals, like his cat at the time, Rick James.

“I did horrible in the interview because they had cats in the room and I was playing with all the cats, kissing all the cats,” he told TODAY.

Even though he didn’t really answer any of the questions because he was distracted by the friendly felines, he got the job because, as the person who hired him said, “We’re not seeing people like you with cats.”

Davis revealed; “At the county shelter, there were no men and no Black people that worked in the cat department”

“When I would go out and do TNR with all my friends, it would be all women — that’s who trained me. I finally asked the difficult question: ‘Where are all the guys and where are all the Black people?’’

Following his new job, Davis left his band and decided not to go back on tour, Instead of rocking the micr as the TrapKing, he followed his new dream of saving cats.

In 2017, he started his own non-profit called TrapKing Humane Cat Solutions to change both the relationships between Black people and/or men with cat rescue, which has been a predominantly white field of animal welfare organizations.

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