Meet Catholic Priest whose father is an Islamic Cleric

In an interesting case of religious tolerance, an Islamic cleric’s son, Moses Ibn idris has been ordained as Catholic Priest.

Rev. Fr Ibn Idris got ordained as a priest and his father, Idris attended the ceremony which took place in Jalingo, Taraba state.

He attended Sacred Heart Minor Seminary, JY, Jalingo. He was ordained in 2021 and both his parents are Muslims.

It was gathered that the Muslim scholar gave his blessings when his son decided to convert to Christianity and joined the seminary.

A photo of the father and son shared by Voices Nigerian on Facebook is currently circulating on social media platforms.

Social media users found the inter-religious embrace to be heartwarming, but some asked pertinent questions.

@DrVic_Exotic; I know some of them like that. I have a priest friend who is Fulani. He is currently a chaplain in Rivers State. His parents are Muslims.

@JaqualineDXB; My Christian cousin wanted to attend St John seminary, he was denied admission because his parents weren’t Catholics. So how did this happen? His dad is not even a “Christian”.

@teamanempire; These are the ones who will tell me that Islam is the religion of peace and I will believe them. They practice what they’re preaching…. religious tolerance.

@Namoneyideyfind; I have seen something like this in oyo state about 2 yrs ago, The former chief Imam of the state had his son conferred as the youth coordinator of a CAC church there Baba came there with his wife to rejoice Imam was very happy sef

@AgbomUdoka; I know this guy. Part of his work was at St. Augustine’s Jalingo. Congratulations to him! He has a great father❤️

@Ibiye05; Religion is a personal race and everyone has the right to believe and worship his God in peace without being intimidated or intimidating others!