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Medical graduate refuses to marry suitor who paid her expensive school fees



A lady who recently graduated from medical school has reportedly dumped the man who paid her school fees with the intention of settling down with her upon graduation.

A Twitter user named Ada Obowo, who knows the man involved, shared the story on the micro-blogging platform, and asked for advice.

She said that the man wanted to marry the lady when she was still in medical school but her father insisted on her becoming a graduate first.

The suitor then took it upon himself to pay her tuition which came at a huge cost, sadly when she finished, the lady said she not interested in marrying him.

Ada shared;

”Someone is in a tight situation and needs advice.

He wanted to marry his girlfriend but her parents insisted that she finishes medical school.

He paid her fees in medical school which cost him a lot now she says she’s not interested in marrying him.

What’s your advice?”

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