Marvin buys iPhone 13 for his BBTitans’ partner, Yaya

Big Brother Titans ex-housemate, Marvin has bought an iPhone 13 for his partner on the show, Yaya.

The duo who went by the group name ‘Maya’ were evicted as a pair from the BBTitans house on Sunday, February 19.

Just a day after leaving the reality TV show, Yaya revealed that Marvin bought an iPhone 13 for her.

In a video which shows both of them in a room, the South African lady expressed thanks to the US-based Nigerian man.

The plus-size model called Marvin ‘baby’ also revealed during their eviction interview, that she wanted to pursue a relationship with the fitness enthusiast.

Watch the video below:


Meanwhile, veteran Nigerian rapper, Babatunde Adewale, popularly known as Modenine, has shared his thoughts on the apparent rivalry between rappers and afrobeats singers.

He said that rap in Nigeria is no longer the same because Hip Hop artistes have switched to singing all in a bid to compete with Afrobeats stars.

Speaking with The Punch on the controversial comment by Wizkid that rap is dead, the Hip Hop star implied that Wiz is not an authority on the rap genre so he does not care about his opinion.

He, however said that Nigerians are the reason most rappers are switching from hardcore rap and started fusing their styles with singing.

Modenine said; “I don’t care what anybody says. As long as you are not an authority in hip hop, why should I care? As long as I perceive you as somebody who doesn’t have the right credentials, I am not bothered.”

He added; “I am not an authority when it comes to listening to new rappers. I live outside Nigeria, and I don’t have a radio. The little that I know is what I see on Instagram. There is a guy called Hipman, who I think is quite good. Most of the guys are in the battle rap league, including Hollyfield, Queen Mother, Damzy, and BlackLaid Pastor.

What they are doing is difficult, and I rate them above most rappers. Many rappers just record rap songs, but these guys write and memorise long verses. I think that is very difficult to do, and I give them props for that. There is also a female rapper called Fellow Music. She is good too. From the guys that have been there, and are still ‘holding it down’, there is Terry Tha Rapman, Pherousis, Show Dem Camp, and Vector. All of them are still doing well.

People often complain that Nigerian rappers are doing more of singing now, but it is those same people that caused it. Rappers have to (do more of singing) because if they want to compete with afrobeats singers, they have to add some elements of afrobeats into their music.”