Married Nigerian woman tells her cheating experience

Married Nigerian woman tells her cheating experience

Popular Nigerian love doctor, Joro Olumofin, has taken to his Instagram page to share the story of a Nigerian lady whose husband has been cheating on her for about 8 years.

The woman decided to seek vengeance by giving her body to another man on a platter of gold.

The woman is so proud of her action and she could be back for more escapades.

She briefly recounted the romantic scenes between her and the man.

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Read her story below:

Halo Joro , so I cheated on my husband yesterday and I loved it. He has been cheating on me 8years of our marriage.

The $ex felt so good it felt so good to be wanted and needed. The guy f*ck my life away.he spread my leg like chicken on a barbecue stick. I gave him head. I spat on his d*ck. I’m not into anal but I allowed him do as he please. Men are $cum! I will No longer be on the side line. I will enjoy my life and be free. Marriage won’t define me. I am so happy.


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    If he slept with any if your relatives then just leave his house but If he is having an affair outside thats dirty too. But stop complaining and go on your knees. You love and faith in God will change him.

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    That a partner cheats on you is not an excuse to also cheat on him too.

    Instead of cheating on your partner try to fix your relationship by seeking the right help.

    Why don’t you try to find out the reason behind his cheating. Two wrongs cannot make a right.

    To even come out to talk about cheating on your husband is disgusting. Find out the reason for his attitude and see how that can be resolved.

    If you really care for him you will find a way around it. Don’t forget that there is nothing that is impossible with God too.

    Sometimes we need to stop talking and start praying.

    If you can’t endure too then just stay away. But seek the face of God on this first.