Married man recounts when his ‘kind-hearted’ ex nearly stabbed him in his sleep

A South African man has revealed that his ex-girlfriend nearly stabbed him while they were still dating sometime back.

The narrator known as @KaraboDenotion on microblogging site, Twitter (X), said his ex known as Snenhlanhla tried to stab him when he was sleeping.

He said that on a good day she is an amazing woman, but that incident that would have ended tragically was an eye opener for him.

The man who disclosed that he is now married, expressed gratitude for all the good women he’s crossed paths with in the past.

Karabo was reacting to a viral video of a women being speaking to her partner in a soothing manner while in a parking lot.

“I look at this, and I just become grateful for the amazing women I’ve crossed paths with. All of the ladies I’ve ever dated are like this.

“Snenhlanhla tried to stab me in my sleep, but on a good day without provocation, she was amazing,” Karabo wrote while quoting the post.

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Nigerian R&B singer, Lekan Osifeso Jnr also known as Lojay, has revealed that his former girlfriend stabbed him with a fork while they were still dating.

The 27-year-old artiste said he was in a toxic relationship and was trying to make it work but there was too much tension.

Lojay explained how an argument turned into a physical altercation after his ex-girlfriend stabbed him with a fork on his chest and smashed a kettle on his head.

He said; “It was just like a really rough time in our relationship and things were just running out of control. It had become really toxic for both of us. But we were trying to make it [the relationship] work.

“On a particular day, we had an argument. It got heated and I tried to leave the room, then she was like, I’m not going to leave the room. She locked the door and put the keys away. And I was trying to reach the door again.

“No, I think she was trying to lock the door and I tried to grab her. I was holding her from the back like, stop, stop! Next thing, she stabbed me on my chest. I was trying to process the shock and then she tried to stab me again and I blocked it with my hand.

“That same day, my head got smashed with a kettle. She smashed my head with a kettle after stabbing me. I couldn’t leave because she locked the doors and tossed the keys.”