Married man brutalised after being nabbed with nursing mother in her matrimonial bed (Video)

A married man identified as Mr. Agu has been assaulted for allegedly having an affair with a nursing mother in Edo state.

According to reports, he was caught red-handed in bed with the mother of a one-year-old child in Benin City.

He was badly beaten on Monday, December 5 and sustained mutliple injuries on different parts of his body.

It was learnt that Mr. Agu visited the married woman in her matrimonial home for their usual romp not knowing her husband was nearby.

The victim alerted neighbours when he caught his wife and her lover together and they pounced on him.

An eyewitness said they made Mr Agu promise to marry the nursing mother and not retaliate against her husband.

The source said; “He was caught in the man’s bedroom and neighbors were alerted. They beat him to a pulp and almost cut off his member but for the plea of some eyewitnesses.

They made him promise not to harm the husband of the nursing mother and ensure he ends up marrying her.”

A video making the rounds online captured a resident pleading with the unfaithful woman’s husband never to marry again following the shocking incident that happened under his roof.

See video below:

Meanwhile, in related content, a Nigerian man caused a chaotic scene in Ibadan, Oyo State when he confronted his fiancée who recently broke up with him.

He reportedly asked her to return a phone he gave her when they were still dating but she refused.

Her refusal to return the gadget provoked the young man and he decided to beat up his ex-fiancée for claiming right to a property he got for her.

The incident was said to have happened on Monday, 5th of December, 2022.

A video making the rounds online shows the moment the man who had removed his shirt was being held back by some residents after he laid hands on his former lover.

He dragged her aggressively till she fell to the ground and her sister – in a jersey – can be seen tried to fight him for assaulting her sibling.

A source said the man had stormed her family house to demand she returns the phone he bought N65,000 since she was no longer interested being with him.

“They had their introduction ceremony recently and she – the lady in hijab- informed her man that she was no longer going ahead with the relationship.

This made the man to visit her to retrieve the android phone be bought for her. She refused and this led to a scuffle,” the source said.