Marriage is not for everybody – Uriel

Reality TV star and YouTuber, Uriel Oputa, has sent a message to those questioning her single status to stay off her life as marriage is not for everyone.

The former Big Brother Naija contestant, in a post on her Instagram page, asserted that marriage is not an achievement, hence why she does not feel any pressure from the family or the public.

Uriel, a relative to seasoned musician Charles “Charly Boy” Oputa, maintained that she does not need validation from social media to prove that she is married or not.

According to the 36-year-old cooking enthusiast, posting her partner or relationship status on social media is something she will never do.

Uriel wrote; “Marriage isn’t for everyone. If you think marriage is an achievement, that’s on you. How do you know I’m not married? Do you think everyone needs validation from social media?

“I would never post my marriage or my partner’s full face here. Age-shaming and marriage-shaming is so 2018. Let’s maintain this energy and save the lives of young m3n and women”.

In similar news…

Nigerian music star, Harrison Tare Okiri, popularly known as Harrysong, has said marriage as an institution is not meant for people that are wise, rich or educated.

The ‘Reggae Blues’ hit maker made the statement amid the marital crisis between Davido’s logistics manager, Isreal Afeare (DMW) and his wife, Sheila.

He also said that righteous people and highly intelligent fall into the category of those that will most likely not stay married.

Harrysong took to his Instagram page, and noted that wealth, education as well as wisdom can’t stop a marriage from hitting the rocks.

He emphasised the the complexity of marriage, explaining that the key qualities for a successful union are humility, selflessness, patience and the ability to serve one’s partner.

He wrote; “Marriage is not for the wise, not for the educated nor for the rich. Not for the righteous and the over-sabis Because none of these can keep you married.

If you can’t be humble, selfless, tolerant, patient, accommodate and serve humanity. That your partner is humanity, you cannot humbly serve him or her? Don’t get married (Generation of pride, selfishness and over sabi.”