Marriage is not a trap, stop running – Real Warri Pikin tackles Abuja bachelors

Nigerian comedienne, Anita Asuoha, popularly known as Real Warri Pikin, has encouraged single men residing in Abuja not to be afraid of marriage.

The actress lamented that despite the ladies being ready for marriage, many men in the nation’s capital are not willing to get married but prefer to have baby mamas.

Marriage is not a trap, stop running - Real Warri Pikin tackles Abuja bachelors

Speaking in a video posted on her Instagram page, Warri Pikin said she is overwhelmed with so many reports from people in the state about the messy dating pool.

According to the married content creator, a lot of the Abuja bachelors claimed they were not emotionally available to settle down.

In her words; “Abuja men, what is happening to the dating pool in Abuja? I hear say na una dey scatter am. Abuja men, wetin dey happen. You people are not ready to get married and committed. You’ll just see a responsible girl wey dey live her life, wey dey do her 5 to 9, dey do her thing and wan turn am to baby mama.

“They will say, “I just wanna have a baby with you and you’re so intelligent, I like you a lot. Have a baby for me. Na laboratory? Na chemical solution? Abuja men, the information reaching me is that you people don’t want to settle down and the girls are ready.

“The girls are ready to get married but the only thing you tell them is it’s not you, it’s me. I can not love you the way that you deserve right now. I’m emotionally available right now. But you’re available to use the girl for ground. Wetin dey sup. You never tire to dey outside? Waist no dey belefu person oo.

“You’ve been outside for too long and these girls are complaining. They are ready but you said no, you’re outside, saying marriage is a trap. Una don redefine marriage. God’s own institution, una don redefine am. That is the narrative and the agenda wey dem dey push.

“We many wey dey enjoy marriage. Wetin dey happen Abuja men. No be to wear native dey waka dey look up. You dey frustrate these girls. You go see serious girlfriend dey follow you dey do, dey understand with you, dey respect you.

“Wetin dey ur mind now is how you go take give her belle, you no wan marry am. Wetin dey happen. the girls are ready. Good girls dey now, forget the saying that there are no good girls anymore. Abuja men wetin dey happen. Na here is husband. I marry, I don do 11 years.”

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