Many people’s sense of entitlement is preventing others from helping them – Brain Jotter

Skit-maker Brain Jotter has shared some enlightening insight into why a lot of people may not be getting the help they need.

He said that many individuals wish to help as many needy people as they can, but a large number of those in need have a sense of entitlement.

Many people's entitlement is preventing others from helping them - Brain Jotter

Brain Jotter stated this via his Instagram story while counselling his fans and followers to cultivate thankfulness.

The content creator wrote: “Alot of people really wish they can help alot of people, but alot of people’s sense of entitlement has discouraged alot of people from helping alot of people Show more gratitude!!!!!!!”

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Brain Jotter entitlement

In another news…

Nigerian rapper, Erhiga Agarivbie known by his stage name, Erigga recently chided his father for being entitled to his wealth despite not having a hand in his upbringing.

He said; When you see parents start feeling entitled, it doesn’t make sense because you had many years ahead of me, why didn’t make it before me? People don’t really address this entitlement mentality in Africa.

I was facing the street alone. I was involved in too many things that I can’t even say on camera. And I just keep wondering like what if I was shot or arrested? Because most of the people I was with then are either dead or in jail.

I had to start raising myself at the age of 8. I started living with my friends and learning bad habits. But then again, I fell in love with music at a very tender age so I knew where I wanted to be regardless of where I was.

Then many years later, I now become Erigga then somebody comes and say, ‘Yo! You’re not taking care of me. You’re not doing this and that.’ And I’m like, ‘Bro, na relations we be because you no father the father wey you suppose father normally. I don father myself alone. And I can’t give you the credit.

All my stepbrothers started begging me to forgive our dad, saying he wasn’t also responsible to them. But at the end of the day, they are only having the conversation with me because I am who I am.