Many pastors like me have been scamming our followers – Oba Solomon makes shocking confession [Watch video]

Controversial online prophet, Adelana Adekunle Solomon, popularly known better as Oba Solomon Agbaye, has caused a buzz with a most shocking revelation about clergymen in Nigeria.

In a video circulating on the internet, he alleged that himself, just like other Nigerian pastors have been scamming their church members for years.

The cleric appealed to his colleagues to stop using religion to deceive and extort their followers as many of the peple are poor and can barely afford to feed.

Oba Solomon also confessed that he used to make his members raise money for him in the past whenever he was broke. He went on to narrate the tactics he uses to get money from church goers, and this generated massive controversy.

Watch him speak below:

In reaction, qubash1 wrote; No matter what Nigerians will still defend this this

olamoneymoore675; Devil 😈 don later capture this OBA Solomon, no going back

ihaza__; This man is too truthful, that’s his problem lol. People no Dey like person wey too dey talk true lol

daragram09; 😂😂😂 this man will not make hev*n

famousdancet4; I know some Christianity ✝️ will be fool as this man calling himself Christian here but always remember that the Lord says in holy bible that’s coming back with his reward to pay everyone of us accordingly to what do with our life either good or bad.

So don’t let this weapon of evil calling himself a pastor mislead your believes in God 🗣🦾😍and as a Christian go to church to serve God not pastors 🦻God is working in you too.

Meanwhile, Prophet Amos of Jesus Christ Temple Ministry, Warri, Delta state, recently stated that clergymen who own private jets or universities will not make heaven.

The man of God made the assertion during sermon in church on Sunday, adding that pastors that have between N500 million to N1 billion in their bank accounts will also be left behind when rapture occurs. Amos further said that clergymen who own universities and estates or ordain their wives would not see paradise.

He said; “Any pastor wey buy jet, if he see heaven, I pull my shoes. Any pastor wey get estate and university, if he see heaven, if the door of heaven open [for him], that means it will also open for Sodom and Gomorrah.

“Any prophet wey get N1 billion, N500 million for his account, na e be say na only him na e the gospel first reach. Any pastor wey ordain his wife, if he see heaven, na e be say na only you be first pastor wey marry. The apostles no marry? Show me their wives names for bible. All of them were married.”