Many artistes are broke, but they fool you with packaging – Speed Darlington (Video)

Nigerian musician and influencer, Darlington Okoye aka Speed Darlington, has revealed how he realised that Afropop singer, Stanley ”Omah Lay” Didia is broke.

The rapper, who spoke in a viral video, also said that a lot of Nigerian musicians are broke but people do not know because they package themselves.

This comes weeks after the Soso crooner cried out via his Instagram story about struggling financially

In April, Omah Lay informed people that he was broke, but what made fans to raise questions about his mental health was because he said he wants to be left alone.

Omah Lay wrote: “Do not talk to me. I’m brooooooke!!!”

Speaking on the matter, Speed Darlington said he saw a photo of Omah Lay on Instagram and the background of the house did not look expensive.

He was even more disappointed in the jeans the Understand crooner wore. The internet sensation said that he sized up the artiste and did not see anything special about him.

Watch him speak below: