Manny equipped your studio – DJ Chicken calls out Portable for being ungrateful

Street DJ and performer, DJ Chicken has waded into the squabble between controversial singer, Portable and his ex-signee, Manny Monie.

It may be recalled that Portable had a clash with police officers that stormed his office to arrest him in respect of a petitition written by Manny.

The Zazuu star alleged that the petition was written by an internet fraudster and he expressed disappointment that police were doing his bidding.

Though Portable has been arrested over his clash with the officers, Chicken still decided to berate him online for not remembering all the good things that his former artiste did for him.

He claimed that Manny used to feed Portable when he was still broke and revealed that he also bought studio equipment for him.

DJ Chicken said Portable was an ingrate for describing his former benefactor as a Yahoo boy simply because they are no longer buddies.

Watch video below:

The ‘Clear’ singer resisted arrest when some police officers stormed Odogwu Bar and Restaurant to whisk him away.

Portable challenged them to know the reason for them showing up and went on Instagram live to reveal that a Yahoo boy hired 20 police officers to intimidate him.

“Show me your arrest warrant. Why did you come to my office to arrest people? You came and everyone was running. A yahoo boy sent police to arrest me just because I advised him to stop doing yahoo and vent into music.

”Are the police and Yahoo boys now working together? I don’t do Yahoo. I’m a musician. If you want to invite me to your station, you will invite me with money,” he said in a viral video.

The security personnel were eventually forced to leave his office after their failed attempt to take him to the station.