Man dating his primary school teacher shares their love journey (Watch video)

A Nigerian man has revealed that he is in a relationship with the lady that taught him when he was in primary.

He shared their love journey in a video-reel which has sparked controversial debate on social media platforms.

In the first part of the clip, the duo could be seen together from when he was a small boy and she a young lady.

He also revealed that she is the person who took his virginity years ago.

They shared fond moments together and she groomed him from his teenage years till the relationship blossomed into them being lovers as adults.

The young man attended occasions and school events with her when he was still a student but apparently people did not know something was happening between them.

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, actor and celebrity dancer, Ibrahim Suleiman, has opened up on how he met and got married to colleague, Linda Ejiofor.

He said that he was in a serious relationship when he fell in love with the actress, whom he first saw on Tinsel series.

Ibrahim and Linda shared their love story during an interview with Pulse, where he explained that he thought the relationship he was in before meeting Linda would lead to marriage.

He said he had already ordered for engagement ring in preparation for the D-Day only for things to change when he saw his wie on an episode of Tinsel.

He said; In a manner of speaking. Because at the time, I was seriously in a relationship. The first time I saw you, I was in a relationship I thought was going to end in marriage because I don order ring, at the time. However, I was walking, I went to visit my mother, and I was walking past the living room while she was watching an episode of Tinsel.

I didn’t really used to watch TV at all because I was a gamer, and so I saw this beautiful girl on TV and she was talking. And the way her lips were moving, I was like “Ah, she has nice lips. I would like to kiss that girl one day”. Guess who kisses that girl everyday now. BOOM! See, I’m a man of target setting! So I fell in love with your lips first, you understand, then I now met the rest of you that came with the lips. Then you know, you are fun, you are intelligent, you are hardworking, you are stubborn. All the things I like about a woman. I don’t like boring babes. So yeah, it was almost at first sight.

You made me believe in relationships again because I was coming out of something that was dark and I was at the point in my life where I was like you know what? Just focus on your career. Women are not worth your effort and your energy. So just focus on your career, spoil your siblings because that was all I had left. Then you showed up, and let’s just say that you made me see women in a good light again, because they don show me shege. You made me learnt to trust again that partnership is stronger than trying to go it alone. So I’m glad that you’re my partner and you’re my friend, and we’re a duo. I got you because I know you got me!.” He told his wife during the interview.