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Man who was mocked on social media buys second house to ‘silence trolls’



A South African man identified as Kgoshi Ya Lebowa, has given an expensive unmatchable reply to social media trolls who often attack him online.

He bought a mansion which he says is his second house, and took to his Twitter account to show it off.

The man with Twitter handle @Marcelllomj is a wealthy realtor, but he gets trolled in his comment section as some say he does not match the riches he displays.

The constant trolling seems to have gotten under his skin as he decided to silence them by getting himself a new house.

Kgoshi shared photos with the caption; ”I was upset so I copped myself a 2nd crib”

In a follow-up post, he shared a photo of his first house which he bought in 2021 as well.

”There is the first condo in the background. 2021 was a super challenging year, but I would be ungrateful if I said it wasn’t a great year for me,” he captioned.

See the first house below:

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