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Man who was denied entry into music festival cuts the venue’s electric cable



A man has shown how extremely petty some people can be when they do not get something they desire.

He was reportedly denied entry into a music festival probably because he did not purchase tickets.

But he did not go home sulking, rather he found a way to trace the power box suppling electricity to the venue.

In a video he recorded, the man who was at a distance, could be heard singing along to a song that was being played at the show.

He found some power cables which were used to supply light to the place the festival was being hel and he cut it.

Immediately he did that, the power went out at the festival and the music stopped playing as everywhere became pitch black.

Watch the video below:

In other news, Big Brother Naija love birds, Bella and Sheggz got into another one of their arguments about their relationship and she cautioned him to stop threatening to leave her.

On Wednesday, Bella complained to him about being shut up during conversations and she mentioned how he often talks about going back to London and ending their relationship.

She said that she is not begging him to stay with her and if he truly wants to end what they share and leave then he is free to do so.

On his part, Sheggz accused her of having a ‘sharp mouth’ and demanded that she keeps quiet and listens to what he has to say.

But she refused to remain silent as she noted that she is also supposed to have a voice in their partnership.

Bella said angrily: ”Any small thing, I will just go to London – Like London is out of this World Who can not go to London!! – Is London out of the World? I can’t come to London to meet you, people can’t travel? people can’t get visas?”

Sheggz replied; “Your mouth is too sharp!”

Bella added; “Am I not supposed to have a voice line in this relationship? You are shutting me up, Stop doing that! I feel like I have been a mumu for a long time”.

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