Man who rejoiced over DNA test on his child finds out he’s not the biological father

A South African man has been left devastated after being hit with bad news regarding the paternity of his child.

The guy identified on Twitter as @Leatile_kowa, had revealed in August 2023 that he took his child for a DNA test and he was happily waiting for the result.

“I made the best decision for my life today and future. Let me wait for the results,” he wrote.

Unfortunately, in September 2023, he gave an update and disclosed that when the test results back he discovered the kid does not belong to him.

He wrote; “DNA tests results saying I am excluded from being the biological father of child.”

Reacting, @vincent_mdaka asked; So after getting such results, what do you do? Do you instantly stop all your responsibilities against the child or what ? I mean they know nothing after all.

In response, @Leatile_kowa wrote; You don’t make decisions overnight like African Presidents,therapy,the bond you made with kid,check if not project Coco Gauff. Wa bona it is a process.

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@__Xoey; Do you mind sharing the process in a form of a thread 🧵 you might help a lot of people

@NyKoMR; Only you could do yourself a good favor like this. You’ve escaped from a crocodile’s mouth.

@Mbiizozo; DNA tests should be done before taking a newborn home. Just to make sure.

@CommLit_Lawyer; Xmas is approaching and a little baby is going to be deprived of spending it with their father because of some science-nyana? On a serious note- I hope you heal and get to work on this in a safe and professional space.