Man who refused to pay at Portable’s restaurant lands in trouble after doing same at another spot (Watch video)

A Nigerian content creator known as Kopa Respect figuratively bit more than he could chew when he decided to play his signature prank at a restaurant.

The prankster who dresses as a corp member consumed goat meat pepper soup and Odogwu Bitters at the restaurant, however when time reached to pay the bill of N3600, he claimed that he was served something different from what he ordered.

Kopa Respect told the restaurant owner that he asked for two beef and soft drink so he does understand why he is being overcharged.

He caused a scene at the establishment as people began to confront him on what his problem was because he could clearly see that it was not a soft drink he was served.

After a heated exchange between the prankster and the business owners, a man who is believed to be related to the food vendor, grabbed him and nearly pounced on him.

He eventually settled for seizing the young man’s pouch with all his personal effects and phones and said that when he was the N3600 to pay he should return to collect his properties.

Kopa Respect eventually informed them that it was all a prank and the sales girls as well as other customers all burst out laughing.

Watch the video below:

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CorrectNG reported days ago that The restaurant owned by musician, Portable witnessed an unusually intense activity when a content creator played a prank.

Kopa Respect first played the prank when he visited Portable’s Odogwu Bar and Restaurant in Sango Ota, Ogun state and after eating he refused to pay.

As it happens, the vocal singer was present when the incident happened and it led to a scene being created when his staff informed him of the development.

In a video posted by Tunde Ednut, the Zazuu star could be seen querying Kopa Respect over his refusal to pay his bill after eating food at the restaurant.

Kopa Respect protested and said that he will not pay because what he ordered and what he was given a bill for a totally different.

After the exchange, Portable decided to let the content creator leave without paying. However, Kopa Respect acted like he wanted to go out but he later confessed it was a prank which left everyone including the singer laughing.