Man who put girlfriend on N120k allowance discovers she’s cheating with family friend

A Ghanaian man has taken to social media to narrate how he discovered that his girlfriend is cheating on him with a family friend.

He said he checked her phone and saw chats between them proving that they are sleeping together.

The guy said based on the chats he read, she made the family friend believe that they are no longer in a relationship.

He cried out about it because he’s been dating her for four years and even put her on Ghc 2,700 (N120k) allowance to complement her salary of Ghc400 (N18k) at the place she works.

The man felt totally heartbroken and betrayed by her actions, but he said he will not breakup with her.

According to the boyfriend, he intends to play along and keep acting like he does not know what is happening, then when the time is right, expose her to her family.

In his words; “Just went through my woman phone and it’s fun and sad at the same time. The lady will be asking what should I do for you to trust me again but sleeping with a family friend behind.

Fear women, I have screenshot all the chat between him and the guy and sent it to myself, Will play along till am ready to marry then will show it to the parent. Apparently she told the guy we are no more and she doesn’t want the family to also know

Four good years of dating Taking you from nowhere and making you someone now you cheat on me… we will see who cry’s last. Chaley she gave me infection last year and I suspected she was sleeping with someone else but she told me it’s only me and it’s normal… Had to spend a lot to treat it here.

To be with them don’t be attracted or have emotions chale…then try Dey search good one cus if u show am evidence she still do deny den hide am..buh I no sure say that be the only thing hmm. I thank God I didn’t feel very bad like I use to like I will be crying by now

Bro I go eat saaa then later marry someone else when I’m ready. I always advice and talk to her like my sister that guys can’t be trusted so she should be careful. We had small arguments last year September and that’s when they started and till date she’s still sleeping with him… what pains me most is she does s** video calls with him and the guy get natin than me too.

Bro I take am go police oo, she pass out this year.. her income was 400 when I met her and now you are taking 2,700 and you start you misbehave. Bro when ever I tell her I suspect her sleeping around she will tell me it a lie and why don’t I trust her and bla bla meanwhile you Dey sleep around true.”