Man uses diamond ring to propose to girlfriend who stayed with him for six years till he made money (Video)

A Nigerian lady has shared the beautiful love story of how she met her man, fell in love and they got engaged.

She posted a video which showed their journey from when they met six years ago till present day where he’s proposed in a romantic setting.

The young woman said she stayed with him throughout the years he was still hustling hard to succeed and she believed in his dreams.

According to her, God answered her ”king’s” prayers and he made money, so they started enjoying the soft life.

Her fiancé bought a diamond ring surprised her with a marriage proposal during an outing, and without hesitation, she said ‘Yes’.

Watch the lovely video below:

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fruity_april; It doesn’t always work out like this for everyone. You stay with a struggling guy and watch him go for an already built girl when he makes it. This is some girls biggest fear.

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In related news, a man proposed to a lady because she displayed a rare virtue by washing plates at a restaurant.

His friend shared the story on his Facebook page and narrated how he took the lady on a date in Wuse, Abuja.

When they were done eating, she carried the plates to the kitchen and washed them by herself, an act which endeared her to the man.

The man was blown away by her action, so he decided to propose to her immediately.

According to the narrator, the couple will be having their wedding this December and he is the official photographer for the event.

He wrote; My friend who came from abroad took this girl to a very big restaurant in Wuse, after eating, she carried the plates and washed them thoroughly.

People thought she was forming but that’s who she’s. She was raised in a very good family that understands that cleanliness is next to godliness.

That singular act made my friend propose to her immediately and guess what?? They are getting married this December and I’m their photographer.