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Man uses $20 donation from good Samaritan to buy food for 10 less privileged people



A South African man has amazed social media users after he used what many may consider a paltry sum to feed 10 less privileged people.

The South African man, Neil Bensch got $20 donation from an American after he revealed that such an amount would be very useful in his area.

It all started with a Twitter user saying that she would be less stressed if someone sent $2000 to her.

Neil then commented that getting $20 would make him less stressed because of the country he is from.

The American identified as Tim Castleman asked Neil what he would be able to do with 20 dollars and he replied that he would be able to buy 10 Big Mac meals and distribute.

Castleman sent him the money so long on the condition that he must use it to buy the meals as stated.

After receiving the money, the South African quickly bought the food and shared it to less privileged individuals.

Neil posted photos of the meals before it was distributed.

See the exchange below:

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