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Man United fan spotted looking frustrated, confused after his ticket cut (Video)



The reaction of a fan of Manchester United, has been captured on tape and it sparked reactions due to the extent of its hilarity.

The young man who was wearing a Man United jersey was spotted looking frustrated after realising that he lost the bet he played that day.

A video which has gone viral showed him glancing through his ticket only to be left with a broken heart after realising it cut.

He was holding two slips, and after seeing that the first one did not enter, he folded it and dropped it on the floor before scratching his head.

He then checked the second tiket and saw the same unfavourable result, which made him feel sad and he put his hand on his head.

Also, the football lover started looking around and walking in the centre with a look of confusion on his face.

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, CorrectNG reported that Big Brother Naija contestant, Segun Daniel Olusemo, aka Sheggz revealed that he and English footballer, Dele Alli used to play football together as kids.

According to him, Alli hasn’t always been a good player, in fact he was a very poor player as a child in the United Kingdom.

He, however, admitted that the Everton star eventually got better with time and rose to become the player he is today.

But Sheggz, who is also a footballer, stressed he will continually hold the bragging rights to being the better player of the two. He went on to say that whoever doubts his story is free to chat up the former Tottenham Hotspur midfielder to confirm if they actually know each other.

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