Man traumatized as wife he forgave for cheating twice sleeps with his friend

A Nigerian man simply known as Papi, has shared a complex story of adultery involving a friend and his philandering wife.

He said the guy forgave his wife for cheating on him in 2021 after she begged for forgiveness, only for her to cheat with another man.

In 2022, when she cheated again, the husband sent her back to her parents but they came to plead with him and he took her back.

But the matter did not end there as the wife also had an affair with her hubby’s friend who returned from abroad in December 2023 and he could no longer take it again

Papi wrote; “So a friend of mine opened up to me about his wife he said she cheated on him in 2021 with her Ex after all pleading he forgave her.

In 2022 she cheated again he sent her back to her parents, Her family came and pleaded on her behalf and his dad said he should take his wife back and he did.

This December 2023 she slept with his friend that came back to Nigeria again and he has had enough. What will you do in this situation??”

Social media uses gave suggestions on what he should have done to prevent the embarrassment the man’s wife subjected him to for 3 years.

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@KingiJosh; You gangan that is asking us this question. You’re the problem.

@AjeboDanny; It’s grounds to cut him off. He is the problem not the woman because if he had any sense he should have sent her packing from the first time

@Ifeade_Lu; “ Why is he allowing another man to break his home ? What is he doing wrong as a husband for his wife to keep cheating on him? He should get on his knees and beg his wife to stop cheating. Is not in a woman’s nature to cheat!!”

@hashtagtweets; She belongs to the street. A cheating woman can never stop. And if he keeps forgiving she and her concubine will come for his lyfe one day

@iamklausenburg; E wan use cheating wound am. He go dey “infantilize” am. On to small pikin way no know wetin em dey do. Aside sex, women love to punish weak men. She done see am finish. He should send her away along with any kids she bore him. Shouldn’t waste his money on DNA testing because…

@Irunnia_; A corporate f00l was cheated on 3 times and you still call him your friend? Una no join hand deck sense into him after he forgave her the second time? 🤣🤣

@fastlifegang1; He made his first mistake in 2021, he forgave a cheating woman. If you forgive a cheating woman, she’ll punish you for it. Once she cheats on you, she has lost respect for you, once you forgive her, you’ve madd the situation way worse