Man ties the knot with lady who replied his DM after five months of begging

A Nigerian man’s persistence in going after a lady he desired for long, which ended on a positive note has stirred mixed reactions on social media.

The guy known as @muhddoguru recently got married to his heartthrob whom he met on social networking service, Twitter and has been wooing for months.

lady weds man five months dm

He started shooting his shot at her in January 2021, and noted that he would be honourd if she replies him. She granted his request but used one word or concise statements.

Fastforward to mid February 2021, he decided to shoot his shot, but she did not reply his message until July 2021.

That exchange in the DM blossomes into a relationship that ended with both of them walking down the aisle.

@muhddoguru shared a snapshot of their chat and their wedding photo as he disclosed that he has completed half of his deen.

He captioned; “How it started How it is now

Lady reply man five months

Alhamdulillah i have completed half of my deen!!”

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Man weds lady after five months DM

Read some comments..

@_hafsat_paki; People r making money and getting partners on this app while others are here to drag and humiliate others May Allah bless ur new home 😊

@Mubarack_Umar; Congratulations brother. Allah ya bada zaman lafiya. The people talking about your life, please ignore them.

@itsSh0la; Marrying a woman who replied you 5months after messaging her isn’t a flex tho. She obviously settled for you, you were never her top options. I’d rather remain single.

@King_Chris_Jr; A woman that replied you after 5 months of shooting your shot wasn’t sent by God. You are her Saudi League

@aykhaleeefa; Most of y’all clowning him will never be able to secure a woman that will eventually lead to marriage. You’ll most likely be in your late thirties with no love arguing about the current shitty Man United manager in every football viewing center near you

@dammiedammie35; What you people don’t understand now is that all your opinions doesn’t matter anymore. They’re married now and happy too. As far as anything is concerned, HE WON, they both won and that’s the only thing that matters.