Man takes random lady on date after her exams, spoils her with shopping, spa treatment (Video)

A Nigerian content creator, Asher Kine has spoilt a random female student with a day of romantic dinner date and spa treatment.

He approached her on the day she was writing her exams and asked if he could take her out when she was done and she agreed.

The lady who identified herself as Peace revealed that she does not have a boyfriend so he came back later with a bouquet of flowers fulfilled his pledge.

In a video which has gone viral, the duo went for a spa and manicure spot to get her facials and nails done.

After they were done, Asher took Peace to a boutique to shop for new clothes and shoes. They later went to a fragrance store to buy perfumes after which they moved to a hair shop and bought wig.

The content creator drove her to a hair salon next to get her hair done and the day ended with a dinner date at a classy restaurant.

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, a woman known as Linda, has lamented on social media about her marital issues which stems from the fact that her husband earns less than she does.

She is considering filing for divorce because her man complains like a woman, and she is basically acting as the breadwinner.

Linda said she is tired of being the one to cater for most of the family’s needs and expenses such as rent, fees and food, all of which she is contributing for.

She also confessed that she is seeing another guy at her office while still married, but she is impatiently waiting to leave her hubby and make things official with her colleague.

“I came to vent. I am considering a divorce, my man complains like a woman. Hes job doesnt pay well enough, and he is not trying to upskill.

I am tired of being the tech-sis breadwinner, I contribute to the rent and pay for fees and food. I am seeing a colleague and hope to make it permanent,” Linda wrote.