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Man takes back the money he sprayed on bride who refused to dance or smile (Video)



A man has stirred reactions on social media following his decision to take back the money he sprayed on a bride.

In a video circulating in social media, the man who rocked a blue Agbada could first be seen spraying money on a bride, but the stunning part was that bride stood still like a statue and refused to smile or dance.

However, the guest seemed unbothered about her countenance as he continued to spray the money.

In another scene from the same wedding, the man who had sprayed the bride money was seen in a room with two others packing the money they had sprayed at the occasion.

The man could be seen receiving a call in the same blue Agbada he had worn while spraying the money on the bride.

Watch the video:

See how netizens reacted below…

@linkinpark_fr; The money is doing the dancing , just in case you re wondering.

@weaseleon stated: “She no say the money no go reach ha.

@te_nnyson remarked: Hisbah police dey watch her.

@ofloje07 commented: She know say the owner will still collect his money back.

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