Man takes back iPhone 15, wig from girlfriend after rejecting his public proposal (Video)

Drama unfolded at a shopping mall when a young Nigerian lady refused to say ‘Yes’ to her boyfriend’s marriage proposal.

He collected the iPhone 15 and wig which he bought for her after asked for her hand in marriage and she rejected him.

Man takes back iPhone 15, wig from girlfriend after rejecting his public proposal

A video which surfaced on social media captures the moment he went down on one knee, leaving the girl surprised and lost for words.

She spent seconds just standing and looking at him a they both contemplated the next line of action. After he got tired of waiting for a positive response, the man stood up and yanked the wig off her head.

The girlfriend ran off as though she wanted to leave him there, but he followed her closely and collected the iPhone before walking out of the mall.

Watch video HERE

Reacting, @AkaEgeonu wrote; She was right to say NO✅ He is right to have collected everything ✅ If he isn’t good enough for you, his money should also not be good enough 👍🏿

@De_Eco140; What did guys gain on the proposal of a thing. My brother any woman that love you will be the one to ask you when to come see her people

@ayemojubar; NO REFUNDS IN A RELATIONSHIP. So dear lover boy, before you start pulling a wig and embarrassing your generation outside, spend wisely.

@Bigmellbiz; No wasting of time bro, so she didn’t see him good enough for an Husband material but his spending was good enough for her.

@chiadikobi_ani; Na pride Dey make man leave the phone and wig sometimes. This guy don vex

@Davidspredict; When you are dating a girl who goes from one boy to another what do you expect?

@cfc__21; Some mumu gurls Dey she was right to say no. But the werey wan carry iPhone comot.