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Man suggests that babalawos’ usually don’t ask for ”father’s name” due to high rate of paternity fraud



A Nigerian man has taken to microblogging platform, Twitter to stir a controversial topic revolving around money rituals.

The man identified as Peter Pentane, said that whenever someone visits a native doctor also known as babalawo for ritual purposes, they mostly ask for the name of the person’s mother.

According to him, this is because babalawo are aware of high rate of paternity fraud, so there’s a probability that the person’s father is not his biological father, and that would complicate the procedure.

He wrote; ”No wonder Babalawo use to ask for mother’s name cos the father might not be the father.. oti yé mi.”

See the tweet:

His post generated massive reactions as it seemed to be an eye opener for many people who also questioned the source of his information.

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