Man suddenly slumps as he arrives at his birthday party (Video)

A video making the rounds on social media platforms captures the moment a middle-aged man suddenly collapsed at his birthday party.

The celebrant was about to bust some dance moves while entering the reception venue when he developed a health challenge that led to him falling on the floor.

Friends and family in attendance started laughing, thinking it was all part of the dance, but he remained on the floor for an extended period, thereby stirring some panic and worry.

Some guests rushed to attend to him and realised he was not putting up an act. The man was reportedly rushed to the hospital after the incident.

Watch the video:

Read some comments…

bettyjb_; That was a seizure!😳😳😳😳May God Bless that Man that put him in a recovery position as soon as he noticed

doctore27; Did the first responder check for vitals? Before putting him in recovery position? Well for starters, only put an unconscious fellow in recovery position if they are breathing and heart rate is good, we do this to open the airway and prevent aspiration in the event of regurgitation.. otherwise call for help and start CPR

headiesneckies; This is to show how fickle life can be, life indeed is too short. For those that think they can do any how they like with their lives please rethink it again. Nobody knows the day, hour, minute or second it will happen, we all need to embrace God into our lives. Accept Jesus today as your personal Lord and saviour so that you can experience life after death in heaven.

craftsbykelechi; CPR is what everyone should be taught in case of eme…rgencies . None of them could even remember that? Chai💔

msmmakan; From his movement, I could tell he was already feeling it. Learn to listen to your body. Whatever it is you doing, once you feel dizzy, please find a place and sit down.

9jawoman; They all thought he was giving them vibes until they saw his unusual facial expressions I suppose 😢. Must be a cardiac arrest 😢. May his soul rest in peace, amen.