Man storms ex-girlfriend’s house, collects every gift he bought (Watch video)

A young Nigerian man whose girlfriend recently broke up with, has retrieved everything he bought for her when they were dating.

In a video which surfaced online, he stormed her place and collected the bags, shoes, phone and other nice items.

The jilted boyfriend could be seen carrying numerous handbags and a phone as he walked back home with his friends.

According to the friend who recorded the video, they went to his ex-girlfriend’s house and he told the lady that he needed the items back after she asked for them to end the relationship.

The narrator revealed that they were returning home to look for someone who may be willing to buy all the items.

Watch the video below:

In reaction, Nita said: Na only bag u sabi buy for person u no but her hair.

user8411585619556 said: So, bags and phone are all he could provide her? that’s why they must break up. children in relationship.

Papay_chula said: Omo once data they my phone and my phone charge Omo half of my problem don finish ! Watin be this again.

Larry said: Some are not dating for love buh for items …it harsh buh it’s sweet revenge.

Precious Gem said: This thing’s happen in my school on a steady ground,but there own na phone wey dey buy give the girl them dey collect boy’s them.

DAISY said: First lesson,use relationship money yo buy foodso them no go collect later.

yellownahcolor said: If she demands breakup herself nothing else remain to pack everything my brother.

user18214129853981 said: Eiiiii hmm I remembered the day someone collected my phone.