Man storms church with dogs to warn them to stop disturbing neighbourhood (Video)

A video making the rounds online shows the moment a man angrily stormed the premises of a church in his area to warn them against noise pollution.

He showed up at the church with his guard dogs while the congregation was engaging in intense prayer session sometime in the night.

It was gathered that the incident took place during a vigil at a Pentecostal church in Ghana. The man wanted to use the three dogs to scare members of the church into reducing the volume of their voices.

However, his presence and that of the canines did not move them as the pastor continued to lead his members in their ‘’marathon prayers”.

When the noise began to get louder, the resident who observed that they were not afraid, had no choice but to walk out of the church with his dogs.

Watch video below:

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theamazondeb; Please can Nigerians learn from this man… please put your dog to work on all them churches with noise pollution, please

idealbodyshape; Them don give baba sleepless nights to the point it affected his mental health

sophisticated_empire; Na just that woman on gown for the exit for me she ready for anything 😂😂😂😂

_wurahh; There should be regulations for noise pollution on a norms, fr! Noise runs me insaane 😩

_tcharlez; Honestly the man was wrong bringing dogs into the church, but truly I understand his frustration, for those of you saying he can’t try this in a mosque, Muslims don’t make this much noise and within minutes, they are done.

Some Christians while praying will just be shouting like they are auditioning for a role in “Dragon ball”. When God is not deaf what are you shouting for!!!!??

izobah; This is actually not what Jesus would do.. he will not be shouting all over the place and depriving everyone of sleep.. with all the shouting in the ename of prayers going on in Africa, has Africa developed one bit? Have you guys tried praying silently, at least?? 🙄