Man stops paying daughter’s school fees after she told him to wash his plates after meals, Nigerians react

Man stops paying daughter’s school fees after she told him to wash his plates after meals, Nigerians react

A Nigerian man identified as Dr. Olusesan has taken to his Twitter account to reveal how a Nigerian father reportedly stopped paying school fees for his daughter who schools in the United Kingdom after she asked him to do his dishes after meals.

Dr. Olusesan in a Twitter thread wrote a really long post about Feminism in a post he titled “REAL MEN DON’T DO DISHES”. Read his full post below;

I was in Nairobi one time and my woman was calling that she’s in the middle of Ikeja, that d car won’t start, “as if i be mechanik.” Men have been fixing flat tyre for adult women since days of John the Baptist and we didn’t come to twitter to complain.

Feminists on twitter, but “eko n wole, ewe n jade.” Come see me, when a lady who just married a politician as fourth wife, asked ladies at her forum not to marry. “Aye nse iru e.” (Linda Ikeji et al, 2018). Aunties, let women who still want men who cant wash plate do so in peace.

Many discourses here about cooking for a man, washing his clothes and cleaning after him are over dramatized and often played out of touch of reality. That’s not how it works in a properly constituted relationship. No man is a man, that cant make food or can’t keep basic hygiene.

Babe, its romantic when your car breakdown on d road, and your man brings his car, so that u can meet your hairdresser’s appointment, while he gladly assumes responsibility for the car you abandoned. Dont be unfortunate by asking such a man to go do dishes, on his return home.

Some women can’t locate d engine oil dipstick of d car they drive. No thanks to the loving men. A man jokingly said his wife hasn’t bought 1 liter of gasoline in their 15yrs of marriage. When she sees her car doesn’t have fuel, she’ll abandon it to drive his, until he fuels hers.

For context, life wasn’t like this, until Yahoo-girls started dating Yahoo-boys. Though, there are domestically irresponsible soccer buffs who work in banks too. In a relationship partnership, it shouldn’t matter who does what, when the usual party has exerted him/herself more.

Down d road, doing dishes should become a trivial duty, as men pick up more burden to provide for the family. Except where the woman is over-laboured, excusing a man from chores is a courtesy and honour that will never be properly appreciated in poorly consummated relationships.

There’s a pervading apathy for women who have nice things to say about men. I also see some uneasiness in other women, when a woman openly praises her man. Twitter calls them “pick me,” if the lady is single. Female who dont have scum men are now made to feel insecure about it.

Women who enjoy a sufficiently balanced partnership in their relationships are in the majority, compared to those who dont. Ladies, please stay above the noise. Let not your voices be dwarfed by a confused minority, who often misdirect narratives of affirmative action for women.

There’s danger, daughters have begin to assimilate this toxicity. It started like a joke, when a Nigerian female student in a UK school, ask her father to wash his plates after meals, during visits. The man has stopped paying her fees, and her mother is saying “men are scum.”

See some reactions from other Twitter users;

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