Man sponsored abroad by girlfriend caught in hotel with her bestie after returning (Video)

A young lady found out that her boyfriend whom she sponsored to do further his education abroad returned to Nigeria unannounced.

It was gathered that they have been dating for seven years and she funded his trip to the United Kingdom for his Masters programme.

She joined a thrift group and even borrowed money to send him to school but he reportedly said she cannot marry her because she is not a graduate.

The twist to it is that he returned without telling her and instead contacted her best friend to spend some fun time with him.

The two of them lodged together in a hotel and spent three weeks together before his girlfriend found out he was back in Nigeria.

She got information that the boyfriend she thought is still in the UK was spotted at a hotel in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state.

The girlfriend stormed the hotel with her friends and somehow located the room where he lodged. They pretended to be room service, and when he opened the door, they all barged inside and saw her bestfriend with a towel wrapped around her torso.

A video which surfaced online shows her descending on the best friend as her man tried to separate them and failed.

The bestie expressed displeasure with the way the guy’s main girlfriend acted and it angered her even more that she went for the second assault.

Watch the video below:

In similar news, a Nigerian man subjected his fiancée to a loyalty test to see if she is the right person to marry but she failed woefully.

The lady was asked if she would be willing to do hookup with a man and be paid N150,000 after rendering services, and she agreed.

The lady who pitched the idea to her invited her to a hotel to meet the man, but she got there and discovered that the client was her fiance.

A video circulating online shows the moment both ladies walked into the hotel room and saw the man lying down on the bed. On realising that it was fiance, she wanted to quickly run away but he shouted at her not to leave.

According to reports, he lives in the abroad and flew down to Nigeria as surprise to do the traditional marriage, but decided to test her one last time.

Unfortunately for the girl, she was discovered to be a runs babe and the reality broke her man’s heart.

He confronted her for agreeing to be with another man for N150k but she was so scared and fidgety that she became short of words.

He said he has spent over N10 million naira on her already and wondered why she chose to cheapen herself. The man expressed utmost disappointment in his fiancée, and decided to end the relationship on the spot. At a point she charged at the friend that organised the hookup and slapped her for setting her up.