Man shows N5k worth of coins bank allegedly gave him after withdrawing (Video)

A Nigerian man claims he visited his bank in Mushin, Lagos to withdraw N5,000 and he was given the amount in N2 coins denominations

The young lad known as @nahzikid , shared a video of him offloading the bunch of coins on the floor and expressed shock.

He packed some of them in his hands as he wondered how he was going to spend them, but people doubted his story.

The guy decided to visit his bank again to prove that they are also giving coins to other customers. Incidentally he bumped into a young man coming out and holding a bunch of coins inside a small transparent polythene.

He asked the person if that was what the bank gave him and he aid that he went to use the ATM and the money he got was in coins.

Watch the video below:

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_toby_loba; Wo make we start this country afresh we don make mistake 😂

joslinco2010; Lies won’t help save Nigeria

kvng_ayeesha; Imagine spraying coins at a wedding 😂😂😂

susy.licious1; Anything for clout. Banks can never give you coins

bhallowgun; they still spend coin for foreign country even many Africa country spend coin nah everything you must complain about

kenny1007; You people should learn how use coins… It’s only in Nigeria that coins are forbidden.

king_jjaja; This is good improvement all the country that started with coin are still using coins up to date so I don’t see anything bad in it

In related news, a young Nigerian lady has cried out about a huge sum of money that was deducted from her bank account by fraudsters.

She said more than N4 million was transferred from her account without her authorisation in separate transactions.

According to her, the first amount of N3.7 million was transfered from her account to another bank and moments later N222,900 was also transferred to the same account.

She said it did not end there because shortly after, another N102,000 was also deducted, leaving only N12k balance in the account.

The customer, who said she is a former employee of the bank, said it was on her staff account that the fraudulent transaction happened.

She called on her bank to return to the money and said that her card was not stolen or misplaced and she visited the receiving bank to file a complaint but was told that the money has been removed from the account.

She said that if her money is not refunded she will visit the bank and cause a scene because she does not have any other money.

Meanwhile, she recently gave an update that the bank was able to recover more than N3million of the money and about N800,000 was still outstanding.