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Man sheds tears as his girlfriend travels to UK after spending 40 days in his house



A Nigerian man simply known as Nas, has taken to social media to reveal how he reacted after his girlfriend traveled abroad.

According to Nas, he followed her to the airport in Lagos state and cried while watching Immigration stamp her passport at the airport.

He revealed that prior to her departure, she had spent 40 days living with him in his Lagos apartment.

The young man wrote; ”My babe left for the UK today after spending the last 40 days with me in Lagos and I can’t help it, I cried watching her go through where she’d stamp her passport in. Omo”

See his post:

Some netizens encouraged him to be strong while others shared similar experiences.

@medicalbaron; I hope you know you just said your final goodbye

@dammy_olawaye; Pele baby boy. You’ll see her soon don’t worry

@hermosion; Long distance relationship is actually very nice if the 3 of you are ok with it Person walking

@Ken_Nicho; What city is she in. I am in UK. I can help you secure her until you meet again.

@CryptFx2; Your mates Dey secure the bag, na woman you wan secure

@noniFran6; Long distance has never killed anybody. UK and naija timezone is not an issue, so you have fewer problems. Una go dey alright. I’ve been there and it worked out

@tlanvon; It’s funny how ppl are translating this as the end of the ship. Dude is definitely going to miss his babe since it will be long distance. Haba.

@IamJohnkelvin; This was me 2years ago. I pray your ship doesn’t sink like mine though.

@jayraldss; UK is even too far. Warri to uyo, fish swallow d ship

@shegzeicoal; I have cried once like this. You enter into the room and it feels strange and empty. Love ya weyrey gan. Last last I still chop breakfast sha. Lol

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