Man sets bet shop on fire after losing N6 million (Watch video)

A disgruntled gambler who lost a huge sum of money to sports betting resorted to arson in a as payback.

It was gathered that he used a total of $8000 (N6 million) to place bet, unfortunately he lost it all and decided to come back to set the place ablaze.

He returned with a which is believed to either contain alcohol or kerosene and and a molotov cocktail (clothe inside a bottle of alcohol).

In a video which has gone viral, the man poured it all on the counter of the bet shop and used a lighter to light the molotov which he then threw at the shop.

The workers and other customers who were inside quickly scrambled to safety as he set the entire place on fire and casually walked away.

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, a Nigerian lady identified as Maryam Lasisi has revealed that she lost interest in a man he was interested in dating due to his reaction to losing out in sports betting.

She recounted when she called him on phone and he was crying uncontrollably because his ticket cut and she felt irritated.

According to Maryam, though she does not see anything wrong with a man showing emotions, she felt the way he cried was too much for a man.

She explained that her impression of him changed because of that incident, so she dumped the idea of going into a relationship with him.

Maryam wrote; ”I called him and he was crying because his bet cut. I’m all for men showing emotions but hearing “Omo I f**k up” while someone was crying his eyes out was very cringe.”

Twitter user, @Biodexraj commented; Maybe na 1 cut him 50 million naira 😒😒 why him no go cry 🥺🥺😂😂🤣🤣

@IpubliciseGod; When e be say na just one game cut am and the game na the last game for the slip

@TweetInspector0; “My boyfriend does not show emotions ” You Jam emotional men, you dey run. If he can’t cry to you, who else should he cry to ? And you want to be your boo bestfriend abi but he should hide his emotions ? If the bet enter now, shey you no go chop inside ni ? Ok ohh

@topetyez_; But it can be painful, u don’t know if he was about to win jackpot. These things dey pain ooo.