Man saddened after finding out the friend squatting in his house joined anti-Igbo attacks

An Igbo man has been left totally disappointed after discovering that his friend joined the online attacks against people from the south eastern part of Nigeria.

The entrepreneur known as Iyke Lopez said he accommodated the guy in his house and never for once collected rent from him throughout the two years they’ve stayed together.

But it was greatly disheartening to find out that the roommate whom he identified as Kunle went on Facebook to be promoting hate against the Igbos

Iyke noted that he’s never been scornful towards Kunle so it was shocking to see know how he felt about people from his tribe.

He wrote; “I accommodated a Yoruba guy(KUNLE) in my house for over 2 years without asking for a dime from him; I fed him and there were no problems.

I never showed hatred on that guy. you know what!? He’s on Facebook spreading hatred against Igbos. Ogo m mèrè erielam.”

A mutual friend known as @bonnkejunior asked; Lopez, like seriously? Kunle join the hate statements?

@IykeTweets_ replied; Seriously!!

Social media users tried to pacify the situation and make him see reason to not wrongly profile every Yoruba.

@Dejeee said; Be rest assured Kunle is not of a noble birth, we Yoruba’s are totally not in support of what you guys are passing through, except of course APC Yoruba.

@lekankareem63; Yoruba accommodated thousands of ibos in Lagos, what did they get back, stab in the bad. Stop being mischievous about your emotions. We are wiser than you think.