Man rewarded with new truck after 30 years of single-handedly patching potholes in Abuja

A 60-year-old Nigerian man has received an expensive gift in appreciation of his selfless service which sees him fixing potholes in Abuja.

A businessman known on Twitter as @DoubleOGAdoga, presented him with a brand new truck as a reward for fixing potholes on Abuja roads for 30 years.

He revealed via the microblogging platform that he has known the man since he was 8 years old and was deeply moved by his commitment to patching roads in the nation’s capital for free.

The tweep wrote; I’ve known this man since I was 8. He’s been repairing Abuja roads for 30 years, all by himself for FREE. I came across him again last month just outside my office, he was filling a pothole. I decided to tell his story, what I discovered broke my heart 💔

THREAD. Have you ever come across a patched pothole as you drive around Abuja? If your answer is YES then there’s 50% chance that you are benefiting the work that this man has done. What’s sad is that this local legend barely has any digital footprint. Even worse, he is DIRT POOR

There’s only 1 news article about his work on the whole internet, a 2017 post by Fred Ezeh. Many people think the patched potholes have been done by the government

But no, it was the volunteer work of Mr Davou. No PR, no Noise. Just a pure heart and love for community. Daniel Davou, 60, is no longer in his prime. He told me about how a teen beat him up and broke his collarbone while he was fixing road. I felt anger

Yet, he was excited to share his story. We set up a trust fund for him so his children can at least have an inheritance. We are trying to get him a new DYNA truck and send his children to school.

Adoga, who was moved by the man’s service to humanity, launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for him and his family.

Giving an update, the entrepreneur who owns a venture capitalist company shared photos of the elderly man and revealed that he was rewarded with a brand new truck for his outstanding acts of selflessness and dedication.

He also presented a certificate of service to the man with the caption; “UPDATE. He got a new truck last week 🚚 This wouldn’t have been possible without you. We also gave him a little award, he says he’s never gotten anything like this before. We’re not going to wait for anyone. We’ll honor him now🥇”

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