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Man reveals how VIO officers who stopped his car quietly walked away after he started coughing



In the current global situation which sees the pandemic coronavirus putting people on edge, a smart fellow has decided to use its symptoms to wriggle out of harassment from government officials.

A Nigerian man identified as @chxta on Twitter has taken to the micro-blogging platform to reveal how he was stopped by Vehicle Inspection Officers, VIO and while they were approaching, he decided to exhibit symptoms which are akin to the COVID-19.

According to @Chxta when they got close to him, he decided to cough a little and offer hand sanitizer to them but they were uncomfortable being near him, so instead of getting to the reason why they stopped him, the officers kept mute and quietly walked away.

While sharing a photo of the officers stepping into their van, he wrote: “VIO chappies stopped us. I coughed a little and offered them hand sanitiser. No word was exchanged.

Let’s just say, they are on their way…”.

View his tweet:

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