Man returns to Nigeria to discover his mom squandered money he was sending from abroad

A Nigerian man simply identified as Napaul has recounted how someone he knows lost everything he hustled for abroad because of his mum’s extravagance.

According to him, the guy left Owerri to seek greener pastures abroad and while there he was sending money back homr.

All the money he sent back was being received by his mother, but as she was getting it, the money was being spent.

So when he returned to Nigeria, he discovered that nothing was left of the huge sum he expected to use and set himself up financially as she had squandered it all.

Napaul shared the story in a bid to compare and contrast the story of PSG star, Achraf Hakimi registering all his assets under his mother’s name.

According to the Twitter user, such situations do not always work for everyone and his friend is living proof of that.

He wrote; “I know a guy at Owerri that hustled abroad and kept sending money to his mom to keep for him, lol blud came back & he had nothing.

This life no get script.

What worked for Hakimi make not work for you, Just pray for wisdom in every circumstance you find yourself in.”

Reacting, @jubilant101 said; What works for Mr. A, might not work for Mr. B. The thing is, know the quality of people around you and know how to relate with everyone.

@Jonathan__4all; Doesn’t matter,he should go back and hustle again. Na your mama chop your money no be stranger,so rest..

@WhykayJr; It happens fr cause i experience it with my dad, when am building up my apartment I was in school so I don’t usually have the time to visit, I paid my dad money for bore hole water twice and he still didn’t do it, not until I return to do it with my money again

@MickyLaz; If you have problem with you mum eje go get it settled, no dey disturb us for here. Cause the way you have been moving since these news hit I no understand.