Man reportedly damages lady’s phone for playfully slapping his head inside bus (Watch video)

A Nigerian lady has lamented about how a playful challenge inside a commercial bus ended with her phone getting destroyed.

She was dared by her friend to smack the head of the guy sitting in front of them, so she agreed and handed her smartphone to her friend to record.

The young woman proceeded to slap the top of the man’s head playfully and he turned back instantaneously to query them.

The two ladies did not respond despite several attempts by the male passenger to find out why he was smacked.

When he saw that they were filming him, he quickly grabbed the phone from the friend’s hand. The owner of the phone claimed that the man spoilt her phone in the process of grabbing it by force.

Watch the video below:

melissaroger325; Some girls ehn? Why you go even do such omoh if na me you go hear am that day sha😹🤥

abdul__rawsheed; If he tear her slap now them go say he Dey beat woman,he Dey harass woman,no go try this for Ibadan people sha😂

fredanderson0_; There’s nothing like being a gentle man in this case because I go cover your face with better slap. 😑🤡🤡

_peaceful_baddie; This is wrong cause I know if it was done to the opposite gender the internet would breakout saying it’s harassment, let’s do better

kingofficialfatalist2; If too say the guy hit her now dem go cut the place wey be say na she first slap the guy for head then upload where the guy only slap her then everybody go think say the guy na woman beater !! That’s why for this generation you gats always smart to know how to deal with these ladies dem Dey tricky baje baje

da__mi123; If police arrest you now no justice for you just know that 😂😂😂😂

diananicky55; This is very wrong, even as a lady I can’t support this m€nace. If this was done to my fellow lady ya’ll will call it harras€ment and all and won’t take it as funny as you’re taking it now.