Man rendered speechless as girlfriend invites all his side chics (Video)

A young lady has shared a video capturing the moment her boyfriend and all his secret lovers met each other at her house.

She revealed that she discovered he was cheating on her, so she got in touch with all the ladies he’s been with and invited every one of them to the apartment.

In the viral video recorded by the girlfriend, the man could be seen standing silently in the kitchen corner as all his side chics stayed together in the living room area. The girlfriend was lying down on a sofa during the recording.

Lady invite boyfriend side chics

“I invited over all the girls my boyfriend has been cheating on me with,” she captioned.

The lady filmed her boyfriend looking baffled and confused on what to do after seeing all of them together in the same house. Social media users however doubted her claim and kept asking questions.

Watch the video below:

@venkatesh_koka commented; No way he pulled of all these women looking like that, unless he is loaded with money

Paul B/ Barbs ; Plot twist: He hasn’t arrived yet and pink shirt is another “girlfriend”

@adenijisp; They all want his money. They should even party together now.

@itsvickivoss; This can’t be real bro not pullin like that naaa this a skit

@RoomDiscussion; You’re telling me that’s your boyfriend 😂. Next time you do a fake video make it more realistic 😂

@A_Stew412; Bro has it or bro is apart of the girl friend group and they’re waiting on the boyfriend to return.😳🤣😂😅

@LAND2LOVE; Not a chance. Don’t believe everything see on the internet kids.

@WR_Samurai; wait that’s her bf or another bf her bf cheated with

@SafeTravelCo; Cap. They all look wayy too calm for that type of situation.

@Bare_Soren; Tell me you have a lot of money, without saying you have a lot of money.

@jmacdynomite; I call bullshit unless the dudes a rich coke dealer

@IT_SDAA; his winky must be huge or he spends on them lavishly i mean there must be something they see in him also the main girlfriend must have seen same thing and that is why she is still with him

@L_S_Ashcraft; That tub of lard is your boyfriend, and he’s cheating on you with your friends… There is something terribly wrong here…