Man relocates two years after saying he’d travel to London if he sees 2k

A Nigerian man has taken to social media to celebrate moving to the United Kingdom few years after wishing for a chance to travel to London.

In July 2021, the guy known as Cheche declared his desire to travel abroad if he saw 2k, and although he must have posted it as a joke, his dream has become reality.

“If i see 2k now.. London straight. On god😭”, he had tweeted.

Fast-forward to September 2023 and he gave an update with some cool photos of himself at the Manchester Airport.

man uk 2k

He bade farewell to his former city of residence, Ibadan in Oyo state, and noted that even though he did not move to London as he wished, he still celebrated a chance at new beginnings.

Cheche wrote; “Oh well, nobi London. Ibadan it’s been a pleasure…cheers to new beginnings 🥂”

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Man move to uk

Man leaves Ibadan for UK

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In another news…

A Nigerian man who works in the United States recounted the unfavourable experience that made him decide to leave the shores of Nigeria.

According to the Physicist known as Samuel Ajayi, he graduated with a first class degree and went on to get distinction in Master’s however, he struggled to get a lecturing job.

He said that he decided to go and do his PhD in Nuclear Physics abroad because no Nigerian university was interested in giving him a job as a lecturer.

In his words; “Left for my PhD in Nuclear Physics. Couldn’t get a lecturing job in Nigerian Universities with my first class Bsc and distinction Msc in Physics.

Interestingly, my Bsc advisor in Nigeria told me after my Msc that if it was in the old good days, with my results, I would have an office waiting for me in the department”.