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Man rejoices as his girlfriend gets a raise at her job with annual salary higher than his own



A Nigerian man, Deji Ayoola has taken to social media to celebrate his girlfriend’s career win which came in the form of salary increase.

According to the young man, his woman got a raise three times more than her previous salary.

He also revealed that her annual earning is now more than what he receives yearly. Deji said he is so excited about the news.

When a follower asked thanked him for sharing the information, he said that his girlfriend is rich.

The man wrote;

”My girlfriend just got a 3x raise!!!!!!

She now makes more than my yearly salary

I’m so gassed!!!!!!!!

Guy, she’s rich rich! Me self never dey earn salary of that level yet.”

Mixed reactions greeted his post as some netizens congratulated the couple while others believe that their relationship would not last.

@naikiadex; Congratulations! She’s probably not going to marry you eventually. Reality will set in soon.

@Ogbeniife’ This is exactly the way every sane man should react when he sees his woman achieving great things. Not feel insecure and go bitchy!

@Rankin_MD; Baba Nla. You’re living my dream oh. I just want to be a stay-at-home-dad, look after the kids, flex the Metaverse and keep buying the dip. Fok my Job x 10⁹⁹

@JFamakin; Congratulations!! I don’t think the comparison was necessary.

@artofibukun; One step closer to being a stay at home Dad!!!! The Dream!!! Love eeeeeeeeeèeeeeeet.

@witty_welz; Exciting times Rocket and a good time to famz my own buddy. Congratulations. Incoming ‘stay at home’ husband ?

@d_danritgo; and you are still happily shouting ‘girlfriend’ better do the needful oga

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