Man rejects pastor’s monetary help because he offered it in front of congregation (Video)

A church member has sparked reactions online following his decision to turn down financial assistance offered to him by his pastor.

He was called out by the clergyman after offering and asked to take the money that was dropped by other members.

But the elderly man refused to take the money and instead turned and walked back to his seat with his head bent.

This shocked the clergyman who wondered why someone that needs help felt too pompous to accept assistance in public.

Watch the video below:

mimi__lord_savage; What is wrong in dat😏😏😏

hrh_kingdiamond; Who go help u, no go stress you

dance_rector; No be so dem dey do things 🤦🏽where d church dey?

favourbh; Someone should tell me the name of this church 😢 I go collect the money use am start pos business , you the whine me ?

coprakary; Na wa ooh. Is that good wat he dided to the man.

og_wire12; This is one of the useless act I hate when church want to help someone like make it private not when everyone else is there please 🙏🙏 they needed help and not disgrace or public announcement of their problem 😡

CorrectNG reported earlier that the newly introduced currency has stirred drama and confusion in Kaduna state following the request made by beggars.

A group of roadside beggars reportedly rejected the old naira notes on Wednesday when a Good Samaritan handed them some cash.

The man is said to have given out N1,000 to the beggars at the popular Kano-road, but they refused to accept the money.

An eyewitness narrated how a young man identified as Caleb was accosted by three beggars on wheelchairs as he alighted from a bus.

They surrounded him and were begging for money when he brought a N1000 note from his wallet and stretched it towards the eldest amongst the trio.

To his utmost shock and amusement, the beggars looked at themselves, swiveled their wheelchairs around and moved away from the young man, rejecting his offer.

The Good Samaritan who was confused, told onlookers; “they (beggars), came to me, asking for alms. I gave them what I had on me but they rejected it.”

Caleb further explained that he only had the old currency notes and despite his efforts to get the new naira notes, he has had little luck.