Man refuses to date female friend who cheated on her boyfriend with him

A Nigerian lady known as Lola has been left feeling sad after making a request from her friend for them to take their relationship to a new level but he declined.

In a WhatsApp conversation which surfaced online, she asked him when they will start dating officially and he wondered what will happen to her boyfriend.

However, the lady revealed that she and her boyfriend had already broken up and she was now free to be with her friend.

But he reminded her that when she was still in a relationship, she was cheating on her man with him. He explained that for that reason they can never work out.

Lola assured him to trust her that things will be different between them but he still found it hard to believe that she would not cheat on him as well.

Read the chat:

In other news, a WhatsApp conversation which surfaced online captures a man and his new girlfriend arguing over a request he made which she refused to grant.

The guy tackled his girlfriend known as Oyin for still keeping in touch with her male best friend identified as Ayo.

He had previously instructed her to stop seeing him and delete his contact now that they are dating, but she apparently continued to keep in touch.

In the chat, he questioned her for going to visit Ayo at his place and reminded his babe that he had warned her to stay away from him.

She told her man that he should not expect to cut off her friends simply because she is in a relationship.

According to her, Ayo is not someone she would ever disconnect from because he has been her bestfriend for a long time and has always been there for her.

The boyfriend disagreed with her because he feels that some things need to change now that she has a man in her life.

He said she is expected not to have any male friends, while he will also not have any female friends.

However, the girlfriend said that he should stop overthinking things because she is not changing her mind about keeping Ayo as her bestie.